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Multi-Purpose Air Rod Saddle

Multi-Purpose Air Rod Saddle
About Multi-Purpose Air Rod Saddle
What is Multi Purpose Air Rod Saddle? A multi-purpose air rod saddle for ground earth rods is a device used in electrical grounding systems to provide a secure and reliable connection between an air termination rod (lightning rod) and a ground earth rod. Grounding systems are essential for protecting structures, equipment, and people from the potentially damaging effects of lightning strikes and electrical surges.

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Here's a breakdown of the components and purpose of this device:
Air Termination Rod (Lightning Rod): This is a metal rod or conductor placed on the top of a building or structure to intercept lightning strikes and provide a path for the lightning current to follow, thereby protecting the structure from damage.
Ground Earth Rod: Also known as a grounding electrode, this is a metal rod driven into the ground to establish a low-resistance electrical connection with the Earth. It helps dissipate the electrical energy from lightning strikes or other electrical faults, preventing dangerous voltage buildup within the structure.
Multi-Purpose Air Rod Saddle: The air rod saddle is a specific component used to secure the air termination rod to the ground earth rod. It ensures a proper and reliable electrical connection between the two rods, allowing lightning current to flow safely into the ground without causing damage to the structure or equipment.

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Multi-Purpose Air Rod Saddle
Multi-Purpose Air Rod Saddle

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The term "multi-purpose" suggests that the saddle might have features or designs that make it versatile and suitable for various types of installations or conditions. Some potential features of a multi-purpose air rod saddle could include:
Adjustability: The saddle might be adjustable to accommodate different sizes and shapes of air termination rods and ground earth rods.
Corrosion Resistance: The saddle could be made from materials that resist corrosion, ensuring a longer lifespan and consistent performance even in harsh environmental conditions.
Easy Installation: The saddle might be designed for easy installation, potentially including features like quick-connect mechanisms or tools to facilitate proper attachment.
Secure your lightning protection system with Multi Purpose Air Rod Saddle and other products like Glazing Bar Holdfast, Niro Clip Snap on holder, etc.
Proper grounding and lightning protection systems are crucial for the safety of buildings, structures, and the people within them. A well-designed and installed multi-purpose air rod saddle enhances the overall effectiveness of the grounding system by ensuring a reliable connection between the air termination rod and the ground earth rod.

Specification Of Multi-Purpose Air Rod Saddle


Brass / Gunmetal

Bolt Nut







Zero Maintenance

Product Code


Multi-Purpose Air Rod Saddle Dimensions

Multi-Purpose Air Rod Saddle
Application With Product Code
Copper Air Rods HUAG - 253
Al. Air Rods HUAA - 253

Advantages & Features Of Multi-Purpose Air Rod Saddle

  • Higher precision
  • Very effective for holding
  • Excellent tensile strength material
  • Available in competitive and reasonable market prices
  • Best Quality

Applications of Multi-Purpose Air Rod Saddle

  • Used for supporting lightning conductor Air terminal.
  • Support Air terminal to connect with copper tape conductors

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