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Flat Saddle - A

Flat Saddle - A
About Flat Saddle - A
Flat Saddle A Type is a component used in the installation of lightning protection systems. It is specifically designed to support lightning conductor air terminals (also known as lightning rods) on various structures such as buildings, communication towers, and other tall structures. The primary purpose of the lightning protection system is to provide a safe path for lightning to follow, reducing the risk of damage to the structure and its occupants.

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Enhance the security of your lightning protection system using Flat Saddle A Type, Multiple Point Air Rod Saddle, Earth Blocks, etc.
The Flat Saddle A Type is usually made of durable and conductive material, such as copper or aluminum, to ensure efficient conduction of lightning current. It is designed to securely hold the lightning rod in place while maintaining a proper separation distance from the structure it is protecting. The saddle is often mounted on an insulating base or bracket to prevent electrical contact with the structure.

Flat Saddle-A, Brass Flat Saddle Type-A, Flat Saddle A Type Suppliers In India

Flat Saddle - A, Brass Flat Saddle A, Flat Saddle Type A Exporter, Flat Saddle A Type Stockist in Mumbai, India

Flat Saddle - A
Flat Saddle - A
Proper installation of the Type Flat Saddle is essential for the overall effectiveness of the lightning protection system. The lightning rod, along with its supporting components like the saddle, conductor cable, grounding system, and surge protection devices, form a comprehensive solution to mitigate the potential damage caused by lightning strikes.

Specification Of Flat Saddle - A


Gun Metal LG2

Bolt Nut







Zero Maintenance

Product Code


Flat Saddle - A Dimensions

Rod LengthRod Dia.Thread Dia.Product Code
50 mm15 mm5/8"HSD - 155
70 mm15 mm5/8"HSD - 160
95 mm15 mm5/8"HSD - 165

Advantages & Features Of Flat Saddle - A

  • Best Quality
  • Excellent tensile strength material
  • Very effective for holding
  • Higher precision
  • Available in competitive and reasonable market prices

Applications of Flat Saddle - A

  • Used for supporting lightning conductor air terminal.
  • Support air terminal to connect with copper tape conductors

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