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ESE Based Lightning Protection Air Terminal

ESE Based Lightning Protection Air Terminal
About ESE Based Lightning Protection Air Terminal

An exterior lightning protection device using cutting-edge technology is called an Early Streamer Emission air terminal (often referred to as ESE or as an ionizing lightning rod). ESE Based Lightning Protection Air Terminal The active lightning rod moniker applies to this ESE air terminal as well. The lightning strike first passes via a downward leader that spreads in any direction in a series of jumps. Any object could be struck by the bolt as it approaches the ground. The lightning rod's goal is to serve as the lightning bolt's discharge point in order to provide a controlled impact with no damage.

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To foresee the descent of lightning and capture it before any other item inside its protection area, the ESE air terminal continuously releases an upward leader with a time of advance. The protection radius of the ESE air terminal is determined by the ESE's time of advance: the more the upward leader's ability to anticipate, the higher the descending leader is captured and the greater the area over which lightning strikes are prevented. We also have GI Earthing Rods, Grounding Rod Driving Heads, etc.
A generator that produces electrical impulses is built into the Frontiers Universal ESE air terminals. The generator is in standby mode under typical circumstances. The generator turns on and stays in precentral mode when storm conditions start. As soon as the downward leader enters the device's field of view, the upper leader forms, paving the way for the discharge. Without endangering the inside circuit, the bolt's current travels through the gap and through the metallic frame's exterior before conducting itself toward the ground.

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ESE Based Lightning Protection Air Terminal
ESE Based Lightning Protection Air Terminal

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The DAT CONTROLER REMOTE ESE air terminals are completely autonomous and don't need any maintenance, in contrast to other ESE air terminals. They distinguish themselves by withstanding harsh weather conditions as well, thanks to their design Salt spray and sulphurous humid atmosphere tests were successfully completed. Insulation certificate under raining situations over 95%.

• Function between -25 and 88 degrees Celsius.

Specification Of Lightning Protection Air Terminal

Air Temperature

10°C to 45°C


Maximum upto 1000 M above MSL

Relative Humidity

Approximately 97 %

Nominal System Voltage

415 V (±10%)

Supply Frequency

50 Hz (-5% to +3%)

Highest Fault Level

50 KA for 1 sec

Lightning Protection Air Terminal Dimensions

Lightning Protection Air Terminal
MODEL Lengtd(mm) Rod Dia(mm) Material Sphere Size(mm)
SMI-FR60 1200 25.4 Copper 60
SMI-FR80 1200 25.4 Copper 80
SMI-FR100 1200 25.4 Copper 100
SMI-FR1612 1200 16 Copper -
SMI-FR1615 1200 16 Copper -

Advantages & Features Of Lightning Protection Air Terminal

  • Blunt tip – To strengthen the electric field energy at the tip of the air terminal
  • Sufficient mechanical strength,
  • Higher current carrying capacity
  • High melting point
  • Long life
  • Aesthetic and unique Squircle design
  • Larger base plate with greater thickness to provide adequate strength and stability

Applications of Lightning Protection Air Terminal

  • Power stations
  • Sub-stations and transformer stations
  • Oil and gas storage and refinery
  • Grain storage
  • Explosives factories and storage areas
  • Hospitals
  • Television, radio and telecommunications stations
  • Mining areas

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