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Earth Blocks

Earth Blocks
About Earth Blocks

Frontiers Universal is a famous manufacturer of Earth Blocks that are high-quality construction materials created by compressing the appropriate soil mix with 6-9 per cent cement, depending on the mix design.

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Features of Earth Blocks:
  • • Strong and long-lasting- Our Earth Blocks are high-quality construction materials that greatly exceed the strength criteria specified by Indian Standards. Earth blocks outperform locally built country-burned bricks in terms of quality and strength.
  • • Sustainable- When compared to country-burnt bricks, the embedded energy and carbon emissions of Earth Blocks are 10 and 12 times lower, respectively. The energy efficiency of Earth Block dwellings minimises the total environmental effect after construction as well.
  • • Healthy- Earth Blocks are one of the few non-toxic construction materials available. The relative humidity levels in Earthen structures improve interior air quality. This humidity adjustment considerably improves indoor air quality, which is the source of many common ailments that are commonly related to seasonal changes.

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Earth Blocks

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  • • There is no waste- When a residence built of earth blocks needs to be demolished after a lifetime of usage, the materials from the walls will reintegrate with the ground from which they came, dramatically minimising construction waste. Earth blocks might be regarded as cradle-to-cradle products in this respect.
  • • Traditional- Soil is the most prevalent and oldest construction material known to mankind. Since the dawn of time, humans have lived in Earthen Dwellings. Earth Blocks strengthen this classic construction material by modernizing it.
  • • Aesthetic- A home made of Earth Blocks is beautiful, structurally sturdy, and visually pleasing.
  • • It is less expensive to create and maintain- Building with compressed earth bricks is not only environmentally sustainable but also less expensive to build and maintain in the long term.
  • • Thermodynamic Mass- Earth Blocks walls will provide a significant amount of thermal mass, which may be utilised for passive solar heating to assist manage the internal temperature of your home and minimise your heating and cooling demands.

Specification Of Earth Blocks


4-Way Single, 4-Way Double, 8-Way Single

L mm

51, 54, 88

W mm

9, 18, 18

H mm


Unit Weight Kg

0.06, 0.09, 0.15

Part Number

EBB 004/1, EBB 004, EBB 008


Type L mm W mm D mm Product Code
4 -Way Single 54 18 12 HEBB 004/1
4 -Way Double 51 19 12 HEBB 004
8 -Way Double 88 19 12 HEBB 008

Advantages & Features Of Earth Blocks

  • Adequate current carrying capacity
  • Durable and reliable.
  • Mechanically robust and reliable.
  • Maintenance Free.
  • Reliable life : 10 -12 years.

Applications of Earth Blocks

  • House-hold earthing
  • Transmission & distribution systems.
  • Substation & Power Generators Transformer.
  • Telecomm Towers & Microwave Antennas
  • Lightning protection earths in difficult

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