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About Coupler

Coupler production and export are Frontiers Universal's primary business activities. Couplers with parallel threads are one of the manufactured goods, along with threading services. Our primary goal is to produce couplers of the highest quality and provide threading services on-site promptly, without interfering with the client's schedule.

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Couplers are mechanical splicing systems with one threaded end that were created specifically for the full structural connection of concrete pieces in the precast industry or on concrete framed in-site building. Coupler can be used to splice reinforcing bars that are ribbed or distorted in grades up to 550Mpa (80ksi). It can replace the more common way of using vacuum tubes, overlapping bars, and a lot of Coupler in either vertical or horizontal planes.

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We produce and distribute Industrial Couplings of the highest calibre. Our selection of industrial couplings also includes bearing industrial couplings, which are used to join two shafts at their ends in order to transmit power, as well as jaw couplings, HRC couplings, gear couplings, encoder couplings, pulleys, roller chains, and bearing industrial couplings. The constructed coupling can allow for relative radial, axial, or angular movement of the two shafts or it can be rigid, which is more common. The provided connections transmission is not made to automatically engage and disengage. Typically, couplings prevent the disengagement of shafts while they are in use.

Specification Of Coupler




By bags and pallets packing, or wooden case packing as required

Chemical composition

C:0.42~0.50 Si:0.17~0.37 Mn:0.50~0.80 Cr: ≤0.25% Ni:≤0.30 P:≤0.025

Mechanical Properties

Yield strength≥ 355MPa, Tensile Strength: ≥600MPa.



Reduction in Area % (Minimum)


Coupler Dimensions

Copper Bonded Grounding Rods
Size mmProd. CodeProd. CodeProd. Code
BrassAl. BronzeGunmetal
14HEC 14HEC 15HEC 15G
16 or 5/8"HEC 16HEC 17HEC 17G
19 or 3/4"HEC 19HEC 20HEC 20G

Advantages & Features Of Coupler

  • Raw material-saving, high energy saving, high work efficiency.
  • Construction Environmental Protection. no flame, no noise pollution.
  • Low cost, simple operation.
  • High dimension precision, reliable quality and Stable performance.
  • High strength. The tensile strength usually more than 600 Mpa it can reach 110% of yield strength of parent rebar.

Applications of Coupler

  • Tunnel
  • Tower
  • Bridge
  • Subway
  • Airport
  • Nuclear power station

Industries We Serve:

Electrical Industry Cement Industry Electrical Contractor Electrical Equipments Manufacturing Industries Sugar Industry paper Industry Petrol & Chemical Industry
  • Electrical Industry
  • Cement Industry
  • Electrical Contractor
  • Electrical Equipments
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Sugar and paper Industry
  • Petrol & Chemical Industry

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International & Domostic Supply Of Coupler

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