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Comb Clamps

Comb Clamps
About Comb Clamps
Frontiers Universal makes Comb Clamps for a variety of Die Attach machines and other uses. During the Die Attach process, Comb Clamps are utilized to securely attach the lead frame or substrate to the Anvil Block. The role of each jaw's combs in fastening the lead frame’s leads or dam bar. Comb Clamps are used in conjunction with vacuum suction on the Anvil Block to offer an extra degree of protection, particularly for important shipments.

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Features of Comb Clamps:
  • • Can be developed and customized for use in a variety of Die Attach machines.
  • • Available in a variety of Stainless Steel and Superalloy grades appropriate for Cleanroom applications.
  • • Each comb jaw's clamping breadth is machined to fine specifications to guarantee that the lead frame and substrate are securely clamped to the Anvil Block.

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Comb Clamps
Comb Clamps

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Benefits of our Comb Clamps:
  • • Our Comb Clamps are custom-made to meet your application and equipment.
  • • Installation that is plug-and-play, reducing waste and setting up time.
  • • Allows for the application of a consistent clamping force to the lead fingers, dam bar, or substrate to guarantee stability during the Epoxy Dispensing.
  • • Our Design and Manufacturing team's wealth of knowledge enables us to supply you with even the most difficult bespoke tooling solutions.

Specification Of Comb Clamps








brass colour

Minimum Order Quantity

3000 Piece

Country of Origin

Made in India

Comb Clamps Dimensions

Comb Clamps
Max Cond Product Code
6 - 8 HCP - 1
9 - 12 HCP - 2
6 - 8 HCP - 1
9 - 12 HCP - 2

Advantages & Features Of Comb Clamps

  • It ensures that all the exposed conductive parts do not reach a dangerous potential.
  • It maintains voltage at any part of electrical system at known value.
  • This prevents over current or excessive voltage on the appliances or equipments.
  • It provides safe path to dissipate lightning and short circuit currents.
  • It provides protection against static electricity from friction.

Applications of Comb Clamps

  • Commonly used as a roof, protective wall, lightning protection zones, vertical outgoing line, and vertical downlead.
  • Driven into the ground in the construction process for tower, substation, pole, and necessary grounding of all major projects.

Industries We Serve:

Electrical Industry Cement Industry Electrical Contractor Electrical Equipments Manufacturing Industries Sugar Industry paper Industry Petrol & Chemical Industry
  • Electrical Industry
  • Sugar and paper Industry
  • Petrol & Chemical Industry
  • Cement Industry
  • Electrical Equipments
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Electrical Contractor

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